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  1. Who is TruckForce in the UK?

    TruckForce is made up of a comibination of Goodyear Dunlop Equity owned stores and Independent Service providers that provide a national coverage of service to the UK.

  2. I am an independant delear in the UK - How do I join TruckForce?

    TruckForce Service Providers are selected by Goodyear Dunlop when meeting all the mandatory standards to become a TruckForce Partner. All members adhere to strict KPIs which are monitered monthly for progress, i.e. Stock profiles, breakdown support. For more details please send an e-mail to our TruckForce administration team for someone to get in touch:

  3. How big is the coverage of the TruckForce service network?

    We provide a premium quality truck tyre service and breakdown assitance support network, across the whole of the UK. We have approx 90 Equity owned stores with a futher 100+ Independent Service providers that operate under the TruckForce banner, all independently approved and audited to maintain the best service possible.

    All emergency roadside assistance is handled via our in house service - ActionLine (Phone: 0800 474 474).

    ActionLine is TruckForce's 24hour 365 day emergency call centre dedicated to Truck.

  4. Why choose TruckForce to manage your fleet?

    Our aims are to consistently exceed your Tyre service expectations and for TruckForce to be your automatic choice that you select as your Tyre supplier and service provider.

    We fully recognise that the right to your business has to be earned and in order for you to appoint TruckForce we have to prove that we deliver a quality service at a competitive cost to your business.

    As a Multi branded service provider backed by Goodyear Dunlop, TruckForce has the advantage of being able to work with you to select a tyre product that is best suited to the specific environment in which you operate.

    We firmly believe that long term business relationships delivering a "Win-Win" for both customer and supplier are by far the best for everyone involved.

    From experience we know that long term "Win-Win" relationships develop best when both companies share similar goals and values.

    TruckForce has grown to its market leading position based on two fundamental areas.  "First in Service" and "First with People".

    By focusing on these two areas TruckForce has established its market leading position and continues to strive to achieve its stated objective of being the "First and automatic choice in the market.
    We aim to be easy to do business with and have simplified our management structure.  All of our customers have easy access to TruckForce senior management and decision makers.

  5. What is Actionline?

    Actionline is Truckforce's 24hour 365 day emergency call centre dedicated to Truck.

    The Actionline number is the only number your drivers need for a fast professional tyre service fitting the tyres that are in your policy to a 90% + Level and at 100% to the price you agreed.

    All of the TruckForce rapid response vans are fitted with Tracker so that we  sent the closest vehicle to you as quickly as possible resulting in our technicians being there  within 80 minutes day or night. Jobs are completed in less than 120 minutes day and 150 minutes night ( + Retorque if required) and 100% of jobs are closed off when completed.

  6. What brands of Tyres are available via the TruckForce network?

    As a Multi branded service provider backed by Goodyear Dunlop, TruckForce has the advantage of being able to work with you to select a tyre product that is best suited to the specific environment in which you operate.

  7. How can l get in touch to talk to someone with regards to TruckForce?

    To get in touch with one of our experienced TruckForce representatives please use the following contact details:

    Tel:0121 378 7114


  8. When was TruckForce first officially formed in the UK?

    TruckForce was the first Pan-European Truck Tyre Management Network by Goodyear Dunlop set up in the early part of 2000.

    TruckForce began operating in the UK in January 2006. Branching out from under the HI-Q Tyreservices banner it was specifically set up to concentrate on the Truck Tyre requirements of the UK Commercial market.

    TruckForce is made up of a rich mix of Company owned stores and selected premium independent partners.

  9. How will you manage my vehicles and how can l ensure that the work has been conducted?

    We've got everything covered

    With a wide range of electronic services covering vehicle management and the full lifecycle of Goodyear and Dunlop tyres, FleetOnlineSolutions™ can make sure every aspect of your fleet's online needs are catered for.

    An online database, FleetOnlineSolutions™, is designed to offer everything your bus or truck fleet needs in the way of vehicle and tyre management. From breakdown and vehicle inspection to retread and warranty, the FleetOnlineSolutions™ database covers each contract-company's vehicles, locations, tyre policy and agreed terms. This means that if the unexpected does happen, a Goodyear service provider can start work almost instantly and minimise any vehicle downtime.

    Because FleetOnlineSolutions™ is a web-based Goodyear Dunlop service we can ensure any work undertaken is completed to meet the customer's exact requirements and to the highest Goodyear Dunlop standards - despite that company being in another country with a different language.

    With instant access to customer contract details, FleetOnlineSolutions™could make your business more productive and profitable whilst also minimising vehicle downtime. It delivers the following features and corresponding benefits:

    Features benefits

    • Management reporting
    • (KPI's - Key Performance Indicators)
    • Analysis/visibility of cost drivers
    • Monitoring of tyre policy
    • Optimum cost per km
    • Central billing
    • Reduced administrative costs
    • Goodyear Dunlop managed system
    • One-stop shopping
    • Regional/national/Pan-European
    • Borderless - ease of transactions
    • PAYG (Pay As You Go) - PPK (Price Per Kilometre)
    • Fully flexible
    • Internet based
    • Quick and easy to use
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