TruckForce to introduce e-Job across Europe

TruckForce to introduce e-Job across Europe

With more than 3,000 e-Jobs completed, the trials of a new efficient electronic tyre management system have been a complete success

TruckForce announces that it is introducing e-Job, a new electronic mobile tyre management recording system, across Europe.  This follows successful trials in Belgium and the UK, involving over 3,000 such jobs. As part of the TruckForce internet-based FleetOnlineSolutions Mobile (FOS Mobile) tyre management program, e-Job allows tyre fitters on site to record all necessary job data.  This includes the ability to take photographs and it is faster and more accurate than previous methods.  The information is then transmitted directly from a hand-held device to the FOS website, where that information is immediately available to the customer.

Traditionally, tyre fitters record maintenance information on paper job sheets and subsequently enter it on computers.  The mobile system helps increase efficiency by not only saving time on the job but also by reducing the possibility of manual data entry errors.  Another benefit for fleets is that they get immediate visibility of all work completed, on the web, via the FOS portal.  The mobile system can also record up to three photographs of each tyre removed in a single job via the photo functionality of the mobile device.  This feature has proven to be very popular with the pilot fleets because it enables instant visibility of all work carried out using e-Job in any location.

The mobile system has been trialed among Belgian and UK fleets and is soon to be deployed across Europe.  This will enable all Goodyear fleets looked after by TruckForce to be able to take part in the program and is the first step in a complete fleet management system update the company is planning over the next few months under the project name, Fleet Online Next Generation.


FleetOnlineSolutions is TruckForce's internet-based fleet management program.  FOS customers have their vehicle details and service requirements logged in the system, which can be accessed by all related TruckForce service-providers via the internet and in the local language.  This means that service or assistance can be provided anywhere and at any time, and that the work is carried out exactly to the customer's requirements with minimum communications.  Even pricing and commercial terms can be pre-agreed which reduces processing delays.  In simple terms, work is carried out to each customer's requirements by the service provider who is paid directly by Goodyear.  The costs are then centrally billed to the customer thus simplifying invoicing and reducing clerical time. 

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