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TruckForce UK recently welcomed a leading journalist to join a TruckForce technician for the day to see what the job entails. The journalist, David Wilson, from Commercial Tyre Business, spent a day with TruckForce's highly skilled team at our service hub in Cheshire. The reason?  To gain a better understanding of the benefits that fleets accrue by having a specialist team to manage their tyre policy.

In order to see the service in action, one of the ports of call was to a key distribution hub for UK supermarket chain Morrisons.  At this site alone, its trucks cover over 300,000 miles per week.

But before any of this could happen, it was necessary to fill David in on what TruckForce is!  Chris Moremon provided him with a detailed overview of the mix of equity owned and independent service providers model and explained how these are supported by 15 service hubs located strategically around the country.

He went on to explain how technicians carry out two different kinds of jobs: service breakdowns on behalf of TruckForce customers from around the country who are passing through the area and who have used the ActionLine 24 hour emergency roadside assistance service; and contract work for around thirty regular fleet customers - this is where the visit to Morrisons came in, and

TruckForce tyre technician Ian Todd showed us around.

Managing the tyres on a large fleet is a complicated business; this is why Ian is based on-site. This simplifies the tyre service for Morrisons, by taking the pressure off them for tyre related issues. This allows TruckForce to take a preventative approach to tyre maintenance instead of one which is reactive. Ian spends his time on site monitoring the vehicles and trailers on the fleet, checking the tyres for tread depth and tyre damage. Any tyres that need regrooving he does on the spot. Tyres that need changing can usually also be done immediately as Ian carries a representative stock of key sizes in his van. He also carries out minor repairs and identifies major repairs to be sent away.

Ian Todd's expertise is well much appreciated by the General Manager of Morrisons' Vehicle Maintenance Unit, who also enjoys the simplified control offered by TruckForce's fleet service offering.

TruckForce continues to go the extra mile for the fleets it services, creating customer specific product support material. For example, Morrisons specific tyre maintenance boards are currently being installed in Morrisons depots across the UK. The boards provide the customer with:

-           Correct pressures for Goodyear tyres, stating consequences of under or over inflated tyres

-           Tyre pattern images, providing an insight into where exactly the tyre needs to be regrooved

-           Tyre Labelling information, reinforcing what the label is and what its three criteria represent

Commitment to its fleets is what TruckForce prides itself on, ensuring fleet operators receive the best in tyre care and gain positively from bespoke tyre husbandry. The TruckForce network helps drive down the operating costs of fleets, whatever the size. Providing a service which keeps businesses such as Morrisons, who survive on the pressures of trucks being in the right place at the right time, constantly on the move.

At the end of the day, the journalist was delighted with the insight they gained into the TruckForce business, highlighting how impressed he was with the service and attention that we show fleets.

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