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OUR COMMITMENT: When we join forces we'll be here for you 24/7, and work with you when your vehicles are parked. Local arrangements ensure that we deliver our service promise. We are committed to working in true partnership with you, so that our service doesn't get in the way or stop your business performing.

OUR CULTURE: Not so long ago fitting new tyres was your only option. Today at TruckForce we want to reduce our customers tyre expenditure though a process of proactive tyre management. TruckForce technicians receive no incentive on fitting tyres, we only reward service items such as regrooving, turning on the rim and dealing with mismatches.

OUR PROCESSES: Our number one focus is personal safety. TruckForce work with its customers to ensure that everyone's safety is maintained. Also, we have responsibility to dispose of scrap casings correctly. All tools that require annual calibration meet that requirement. PPE is a must, not an afterthought.

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